Patient Referrals

At NSRS, we provide a comprehensive range of specialist respiratory and sleep services. Click on the icon below to find out more.

Patient Referrals

For Patients

In order to see one of our Physicians, or be considered for an interventional procedure, you will need a valid referral from your doctor to see one of our physicians. If you need lung function performed, you can be referred directly by your Medical Practitioner (including GP) without the need for consultation. Of course if necessary, it is possible to also request a physician consultation as part of this visit.

Please bring along a list of your medications, any relevant X-rays or CT scans of your chest, and the results of any past breathing tests or sleep studies. For further information regarding fees and services, please contact our friendly reception staff.

Doctor Referrals

For Doctors

Patients may be referred to North Shore Respiratory and Sleep by fax, email or phone. Lung function testing may be arranged without the need for specialist consultation, and all lung function testing is bulk-billed. Fees may apply for consultation. Please contact one of our physicians if you require guidance with appropriate tests to perform, and we are happy to review your patient at the time of testing if needed.

Urgent referrals may be arranged by contacting our friendly reception staff on (02) 9966 4600.

Patients attending a consultation should bring along a list of medications, any previous chest imaging and respiratory function tests relevant to their condition and copies of any previous sleep studies.

Please download and print the referral forms and fax to (02) 9966 4688, or email referrals to

North Shore Respiratory & Sleep emphasises a patient-centred approach to medical care, with a dedication to professional excellence, keeping up-to-date with latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances.
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